I have always looked at the Biblical depiction as a “weaker vessel” but its not in a bad way but as a prized valuable place in Gods plan….What joy I get when I see whole healthy families with a father and mother, but sadly society tries to make the woman independent, that she can divorce easily and get helped by people that basically hate men and the family arrangement…Its really sad it has come to this..

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Yea Sarah!! You have again scorched the seeming "values" that try to erode any semblance order that this Country has set apart in so many tenets of our Founding Fathers, let alone our Christian Founders. When a Supreme Court Justice, who now sits on the highest Court of our land cannot define a woman, we are in big trouble. She is simply a barometer of all of the instances you so eloquently described in your article. What a sad state of affairs!!

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Have you ever investigated the reason why and who is driving this Agenda and

what is their final goal ?

We have had one piece of sanity / victory.

Transgender athletes banned from women's events.

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