Very true… The Time for the reemergence of Christianity is now or never.

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I'm sorry, but i have to share this with you all, from the slavlands chronicle substack, about christianism and " ism's " in general, maybe I'll save some good intentioned persons with it, as Jan 6 proved.


For years, low-IQ Christians thought that Trump was blinking out morse code to his supporters to let them know the location of the Antichrist or something.

The people who keep falling for this stuff probably are, on some genetic level, born to be slaves. Maybe the Annunaki tampered with their genes to make them good mine-workers tens of thousands of years ago or something. And the slow-witted, slack-jawed, teary-eyed chumps who believe in letting themselves get lied to and conned to prove how good and faithful they are comprise the majority of the population, unfortunately. Thus, the only reason why our leaders know that they can get away with lying and brutalizing the population so much is because they know that the peasants actually crave this kind of emotional, religious and political abuse.

Don’t believe me?

Just flip open your own holy book and read for yourself about how a fiery, murderous, interest-rate-charging deity and his nation of priests harass and defraud every single tribe that they come into contact with over the centuries. Read the holy declaration of their prophets to enslave the entire world and listen to the conquered congregations hum the Psalms of the enemy, effectively wishing death and dhimmitude upon themselves.

Fast forward to today, and the prophecies in that book are nearly fulfilled in their entirety. The nations have all but been destroyed, their kings bend the knee to Jerusalem and all their pagan customs are outlawed (national pride, positive self-identity, conscious communities, freedom of association, ability to do business, live freely, native spirituality, etc). Now that Christianity has served its purpose, few openly identify with the religion anymore because an even more egregious update called Capitalism and then Communism has taken its place in their hearts.

But their internal slave-wiring remains in place.

Even though fewer people still willingly refer to themselves as sheep nowadays as a point of pride, which is an improvement, they still mindlessly bow down to shyster-prophets and believe in religious narratives disguised as news commentary. Some still march off to die in the Crusades of their Chosen masters for whatever ‘ism tickles their fancy, just as their LORD would have wanted.

I wish there was some way that the people who were awake to the con could separate from the grey masses and escape their fate somehow. But we peasants are all in the same boat, together, sadly.


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Remember, once upon a time there was a very Catholic institution called Inquisition. Stop being hipocrites now.

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