Sarah - thank you for another well written and thought provoking article. The arts (music and film in particular) have a history of awakening the masses to a cause. The war protest songs of the 60’s are a perfect example of this. It is criminal what is happening in our government right now. Billions and billions of our tax dollars being sent to foreign countries when so many of our veterans and families are struggling. I appreciate your insights and your ability to articulate the emotions so many of us feel today. May God continue to bless your work.

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Aug 19, 2023·edited Aug 19, 2023

Those "rich men up North" are truly stupid. Imagine being on a ship at sea, and burning pieces of the hull to keep yourself nice and warm. That is the same sort of stupidity we are dealing with.

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Aug 20, 2023·edited Aug 20, 2023

It's packaged stuff that you would expect from the new alt-hollywood;

Youtube ( google/NSA ) makes money off of advert clicks, what ever is hot, advertisers flock, so this guy is making Google(alphabet) tons of money, and obviously they're paying him for his videos by viewership;

Clearly like what said of Ghandi "It takes millions to keep Ghandi poor"

Same for this guy, his professionally made videos and his public announcement to refuse $8M USD contract,..


The question is why now, why this type of depression era music, can't we all just get along and die together as a family?

The GOV&elite that OWN YOU-TUBE need to re-direct blame away from themselves, so expect lots of new music like this guy,

He's just a bob-dylan of our times, his music is generic, there is no call to action, and he refuses to name the enemy by name, so the public can burn their homes to the ground and hang them in trees.

Like they keep saying, you will own nothing and be happy, and they'll even let you listen to music while your waiting to die


Wake me up, when a guy goes VIRAL that is calling for SOROS, GATES, and all the COVID assholes to be strung up in trees.

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What I want to know is who offered this man with limited talent $8 MILLION? And on the basis of one song?! I've not seen one source that names the offeror, all I've seen is the man himself saying it & then it being repeated all over the net as so many thing are, without question.

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What is important is that more people are realizing that Washington DC is where the problems are ORIGINATING from.

Not that people are looking to government to fix problems, but for government to stop purposefully screwing things up for damn near everybody.

In other words, people are starting to realize what's going on. At least on a basic level.

Creepy ass social movements are being supported by the government. They aren't even hiding it anymore. Half of the Biden regime's appointments are obvious fruitcakes (and were hired for that very reason).

It's become blatantly obvious that the majority of the country NEVER voted for any of this nonsense. Yet here we all are.

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President Reagan said that "gov't IS the problem."

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That's right, but in this case, government is not just the problem -- they're 100% causing as much damage as possible.

When Reagan said that, it was true. But not many people, at that time, realized that it was NOT incompetence -- it's downright malice. It's not sometimes malice, and other times unintended consequences, it's 100% malice all the time.

As soon as people realize that the politicians aren't actually doing anything on their own, and that they are directed, it becomes perfectly clear.

That's how damn near everything right now it's going down in the worst possible way for the American people. There comes a point where everyone has to realize that this is all on purpose. And it's never going to self correct. Correction would require MANY people to go to prison, and I don't see that happening.

Now they're talking about masks and lockdowns again -- when by their own statistics reveal that lockdowns didn't help anything. So why push it again? Unless you're goal is to destroy small businesses, and coral the people again.

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Damn, that was on MSM? I wouldn't think that they would have allowed that.

Kind of like airing Paul Harvey. Only non-state-controlled media would air his thoughts in the end.

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What are you saying that RAP isn't for everybody on earth?

Can't we all just sodomize & live like Schwab says, own nothing and have oral sex and listen to hip-hop.

We all eat bugs, we all live on the streets covered in feces, all are equal, all are happy.

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Great piece, Sarah! I have been listening to his playlist from YouTube almost non stop. Every one of his songs are as good, and a few that are even better. Anyway, there has been a ton of coverage of Oliver over the past couple of weeks. Thanks for your fresh take on the matter!

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The to films below point to where society has gone off the tracks.

Sound of Freedom (film) ,

is another independent medium taking the USA by storm, the Deep State hates it, but Americans are voting with their wallets. It cost $14 Million to make and at this moment in time has had box office receipts of $160 Million.


The film below poses thoughtful questions between Freedom and Tyranny.

Jones Plantation Official Trailer (2023).


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"...you're not alone..."

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