The school district's actions come straight from the Communist playbook. #26: Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal, natural, and healthy. Skousen, W. Cleon, The Naked Communist, 1958

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Thank you for saying what must be said, you do it well. Our society is the sickest it's ever been.

It seems Americans are asleep. The time is getting late.

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Well said, Sarah. The "tolerant" left wants we Christians to accept their perversions as normal while refusing to let us practice our Faith in public areas (like Bible study after classes in public schools) until taken to court and sued to allow it. Even then they look for ways to stop it.

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Tolerance comes from [to bear][to endure] -

The Intolerant simply [selfishly] refuse to shoulder their burden.

They'll die by the wayside, sooner or later

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Well, aren't you the clever one? I hope you run for president so I can vote for you repeatedly. With your finger on the truth like that you need to have a larger platform.

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Words mean things and one of the tools of Marxist leftists is to pervert the meaning of words, just as they pervert everything else.

So now, tolerance means that we, the sane, must tolerate the hijacking of the word tolerance, and allow them to make it say something it is not.

Much the same as the hijacking of gender, so that it can mean the opposite, mean nothing, or mean whatever some new insane person comes along and declares for their own gender.

Frankly, I think for many of them, their gender is that of a sewage pipe, because filth and crap is all that flows from them.

It's quite demonic - against God and against His creation!!

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Transgenderism is against the natural order. Each person, who claims to be transgender has a mum and a dad. That's just how it is. You are free to reject this reality but in so doing you reject reality and the Creator; setting yourself up as judge and jury. You are 'free' to behave as you so wish, but you have no authority to drive this anti human ideology down anybody's throat, least of all the young and impressionable. To rule out the transcendent is to invite in the demonic.

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I am not a Christian, I am a Bahai and have strong spiritual beliefs about right and wrong and fully agree with you article and the need for clear boundaries about behavior. What is being done in the US is anti Faith not just Anti Christian.

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See below the agenda governments and education system is trying to force on our children.

What perplexes me is who or what is brainwashing the people into agreeing with this Antichrist regime.

Stonewall’s education programmes manager gives some top tips for making your chemistry curriculum LGBT-inclusive.



Almost 20,000 people have signed a petition expressing their opposition to drag queens appearing in UK primary schools. The petition was started after an English primary school sparked fury among parents for inviting a drag queen to perform a show for children.


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