Many have a hard time believing that Jesus was fully man and fully God.

How much harder would it be to realize that God removed Himself from Jesus, while He hung on the cross

When Jesus cried My God, My God why have You forsaken Me? It’s not because God wanted to depart, He had to!

God allowed my sins and yours and all peoples sin to be upon Jesus! God is Holy, He canNOT allow sun to be upon Himself. Jesus was fully man, when He died upon the cross.

But God!!!! When Jesus’ blood and the water gushed out of His side, Sin was paid for! Yours amd mine.

Then the old evil one heard a knock on hells door! There stood Jesus, give me the keys 🔑 of death, hell and the grave! He led the captives free and took them all to Heaven with Him!

Can you imagine the faces & fear on the people as the dead rose out of their graves!

My God is a good, good Father! Thank You Lord, in Jesus Name amen

We love you, Sarah to the moon and back!

Love Mama Bear 🐻

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Sticks and stones. We have always been slandered, reviled and persecuted. We are fortunate in that the "media" and the neo-Marxists are as children compared to Diocletian.

Their calumnies comfort me. As long as they disagree / attack, we carry our cross and get that tiny boost from knowing their hatred is proof that we're on the right, narrow, path.

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Thank you Sarah

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“The conservative media”. Indeed. Hoping all notice the bait and switch that has occurred over the last 60 or so years. Christ is King! That was always a problem for some.

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Thank you, Sara, for reminding us what Easter is all about.

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Beautiful! Spot on! Believe in and worship Christ The King!!! A blessed Triduum & Easter week to you and yours!

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In 2004, the movie "Passion of the Christ" premiered in theaters. At that time the people in the media said that its very existence was 'anti-semitic.' They dragged Mel Gibson, writers, actors through the mud and many claimed to be offended. It came out that the very "Stations of the Cross" 'should also be declared anti-semitic' That was 20 years ago. Yes, I know, time flies. Other people were offended by the gore and violence. Others were offended that "the devil' was portrayed by a female actress, and others were offended that the actor who played Jesus was not of middle-eastern descent. So on and so forth. 2004. I leave the existence of the movie and your criticisms of it up to you... Many of these 'criticisms' have been examined over the years. My criticism of this movie was that there was no scene depicting Dismas, 'the Good Thief.' But I digress.

Often the media or 'the world' will feign offense to just about anything they can, acting in bad faith, like soccer players who pretend to be paralyzed in pain when a rival team player slightly brushes up against them. Creating drama and bringing the game to a screeching halt. This has become a cliche, yet they still do it.

The use of this is essentially their all too familiar modus operandi. Church Bells banned for one complaint. Crosses to be removed. "Christ is King," an expression I can't say I hear all that often anyways from anyone, and it somehow becomes some sort of "right wing dogwhistle" to the left. Well, they called Jesus a lot of names too. I think he pretty much shrugged it off. And so they continue. It's what I call the 'old Gestas routine.'

As we remember the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, remember also the man who defended him who died next to him. Dismas. No, Dismas is not the Savior, but he was the last and one of the few to defend him---even though he himself was about to die next to him.

He is not the reason nor the center of Holy Week, but he is important. When they continue to mock Christ, accuse him of untrue things, consider Dismas. Who is called 'the Good Thief.' He should be called Dismas the Sincere. But it's not up to me. Defend the innocent. Remember the Passion. Comfort the dying. Be sincere. Especially when 'defending.'

The sincerest defense is in the practical. The truth. Thanks Sarah for your sincerity in your defense and avoiding the usual political drama and disingenuous theatrics, and getting right to the point. One day I hope you write a spiritual book, exactly as you have given us here. Given the contemporary nature of your articles, consider it. I do believe a lot of people would appreciate it.

--Have a good Easter.

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Well said. I have an oil painting in the kitchen, made by a talented Catholic painter from Minnesota, of Our Lady of Consolation. Christ has been crucified and lies in the tomb. The painting shows Our Lady keeping vigil; hands folded, eyes downcast, kneeling between two lit candles. Waiting in expectant silence. Every Holy Saturday I make a point to keep vigil with her. And yes, Christ is King! #CandaceForPresident

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