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Along the lines of your article, I think that many today have lost the humility necessary to admit their knowledge may be imperfect or incomplete. This is a necessary characteristic needed for engaging in a genuine argument. With the wealth of human knowledge and the volumes of recorded history too large for any one person to learn, most people economize and accept a default view of thing that is accepted by their peer group, or pushed by the media. It takes courage and humility to question and push past the default to confirm, expand, or change their understanding.

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The Scholastics did this, always arguing a point from several positions being put forth on the issue before drawing their conclusions - thus proving their claims. Think Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae. This method formed / is the basis of our Western University system and the scientific method. Yes, we all need to take it back, as in conquer evil with good as the doctrine of Jesus Christ instructs his disciples.

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Sarah, you ideas are great but unfortunately the places that we thought where we could debate those ideas, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, tic-tic-, instagram, Twitter and many others that we thought we could have total free speech is gatekeepered by a group of people that make whatever you say that exposes them in any way gets you labeled Anti-Semitic…Hateful, Anti-immigration, racist and it goes on and on…sure bring on debate but it has changed where we are now..…I’ve had debates and interviews of two people historically correct in their fields and YouTube takes the video down for assumed violations, but imagined, because of the TOPIC. A small group of people control information…

True debate is getting less and less now…I recently got back on YouTube after they took down about 800 of my videos…Those videos are now being dissected individually as they send me emails daily saying they had to take the video down, why? Because they don’t like the TOPIC…

Which has to do with Revisionism, correcting misinformation about historical events you think you know about WW1 and Two, Germany, Hitler, but you don’t ….

They don’t want my 30 years of research on my topic, Holocaust revisionism fodder for others to see or read, THEY DON’T WANT DEBATE, because DEBATE exposes their misinformation and lies……It’s getting worse…

Amazon once a harbor for free speech for, “the good, the bad and the ugly” went back on its word and now has deleted ALL books on Holocaust revisionism, so apparently debate on Amazon is gone by a small group of people who are the gatekeepers…

This isn’t just for my topic, try getting a hearing ear at your local library to spread your Christian view on exposing the LGBTqrstuvwxyz life style and see what happens…Again, a small group has infiltrated itself into your libraries that fight Christianity and good healthy living…They don’t want debate…THEY have an agenda, they don’t want you to have one…

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As always you are correct in your assertions.

I have a slightly different perspective on the subject and you may consider it just semantics.

My mantra is " I will discuss anything with anyone but argue with no one " . Arguments implies an entrenched position and that you are unwilling to concede another point of view at any time in the future.

The points you have raised, I find deeply frustrating as most people have a fixed view, and particularly following the Government's diktats, but they can not OR will not substantiate their view with reasoned data and information. This I found particularly true with Covid, what they believed ​is

" Settled Science " and there was no room for discussion and if you started to substantiate your position they would either stand there dumbfounded or just walk away.

The largest problem in society, on this topic , is with those that are employed especially in


If you discuss / disagree with your superiors you could be told to be quiet , be out of the running for promotion or if they feel real​ly ​aggrieved you will be dismissed from your employment.

So this is why there is a massive disincentive to take an alternative view and is endemic in

" Newspapers " and Television stations.

I find it rather ironic the two top universities in England have Debating Societies.


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"We all have obligations of self-betterment in service of God and fellow man."

A true and beautiful sentiment. And I hate to be argumentative, but the problem with rational discussion in the 21st century is not us. The leftists make false claims, will never compromise, never change their minds when they are wrong (e.g. about whether men can really be women), never change their policies when they are proven to cause great harm.

Leftists DO NOT BELIEVE that they have obligations of self-betterment in service of God and fellow man. We on the right can discuss things literally in good faith, but believing that we can make progress by using reason with leftists is a false hope, I am afraid. When has it ever worked?

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Also, isn't the 9th amendment just a "free pass" for humans to claim anything as a "right"? Therefore making it more difficult to say "no" this goes against Christianity?

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Is there a divine right to weaponry of any kind? And would that not go against "thou shall not kill"?

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I would like to point out that our right to bear arms does not come from God but from the Constitution. A document which, if examined closely, strays quite far from the Old testament.

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