“Culture is the root of politics, and religion is the root of culture.”

— Richard John Neuhaus

Conservatism was supposed to be the force that fought for the culture and that defended the values that mattered, so that future generations might have the opportunity to live well. Those who wore the conservative label failed, and even the term itself must now be surrendered. After all, what does modern conservatism conserve? What are its main values? If we all acknowledge that those values will be different in a decade, are they values at all?

I have grown tired of what seems to be a vacuum in the area of publishing about traditionalism, and I hope to play a role in filling it. I try to produce two essays per week on issues that matter to our culture. In addition to my written works, I continue to produce videos, which may be seen at my website, CrusaderGal.com

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I am The Crusader Gal. I am a political & cultural commentator. I make videos about the decline of the West in addition to my written works. Originally from England, I laud the traditional values that underpinned Christendom.