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Your insights are brilliant! I am Ukrainian and the simplistic, dishonest coverage of this tragedy by the media and the appalling ignorance of the American public only underscores the utter lack of historic context they possess. Your analysis of the hypocrisy surrounding this story give me hope that at least someone gets it. Thank you.

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The MSM propaganda effort is apparently very successful in hiding the responsibility of the Obama and Biden State Dept for this war. Prof Mearshiemer U Chicago outlined the Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine Crises in 2015. Oliver Stone has made two documentaries on the subject. These are available on the internet. I'd say the real battle closer to home is the overthrow

of the Comintern running our govt. How many of you know that Russia is no longer World center of international communism, but an Orthodox Christian nation? By the way, the NAZI Azov brigade using civvy human shields in Mariupol is the proud descendant of the Ukrainian auxiliaries to the SS who slaughtered the Ukrainian Jews in 1942(see Eyewitness to History).

Zelenskyy is a vile US puppet, willing to sacrifice his people and country at the behest of his western masters. I suppose he's paid handsomely for his wickedness.

It takes a little digging and rejection of the Biden/1984 Ministry of truth, but as George Washington said "Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it ti light."

Sarah Corriher is a much appreciated voice for truth and light.

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"If you can’t be a victim, stand in support of one, as if you yourself were aggrieved to the same degree" This, ma'am, is a brilliant observation, and one that so clearly illustrates the glorification of "the victim" in today's society. Excellent!

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True important inspired commentary. Thank you Sarah

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Sarah, you are such a gifted writer. Thank you!

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You're right. We all can sympathize with the Ukrainians but the reporting is sketchy at best. As usual the media has an agenda and part of that is to distract the general population so they don't pay attention to the issues in our own backyard that need desperate attention and things just get worse and worse. Unfortunately a lot of people fall for this stuff and we loose our focus and don't do the things we need to do to fix all the problems we have at the moment.

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Go Putin! UN democracy is a farce baiting civilization to take control the world.

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Well said Sarah

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Well, one thing for sure, the police aren’t enforcing our immigration laws…. I watched the Framingham City Council Meeting of 4/26/22.


The police discuss the new plate readers and at the 1:55:13 min mark he says this...


So apparently a car that is involved in a crime the PLATE seems to be the crimiality not the driver....so what happens if someone else is driving the car?

Also, I guess a person's immigration status is no concern...

A VISA VIOLATION seems to be no concern for the police, or the City even though it seems that be some sort of CRIMIALITY?

"It is against U.S. federal law to reside in the United States for longer than the allowed amount of time without citizenship or legal resident status. Many people are charged with immigration law violations because they were first arrested for another crime, such as a traffic offense, drug possession or assault."


So apparently if a person driving the car that is "pinged" for the license readers their immigration status is of no concern..

What if the person driving has a fake plate and registration, ( which happens a lot it seems ) and they are here illegally and unlawfully here, what happens to them?

Would they turned over to ICE?

WOULD their car be towed?

Would they be arrested?

These are questions for anyone on City Council and especially the police Chief but he doesn't have an email address..

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