100% correct. The entire cult of trans is diabolical narcissism gone deep. We bow down to kiss the ring of evil thus empowering it by allowing it.

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Brendan and ALL his ilk are living FOR sin and subsequently for the Adversary, their god. The love of mammon blinds everything else.

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Both excellence and truth limit market share and are thus unwelcome in a corporate culture. Bud Light alone has more of the beer market than the entire craft brewing industry. InBev-AB has excellent brewers that could produce great beer but their profits come first. They had hoped that the lies behind the trans agenda would further increase their market share but that obviously backfired.

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Great article as usual, Sarah. Some people were strong enough to react. Maybe there's still hope for our society. Anheuser-Busch got what they deserved!!

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Well said Sarah. The folks that are pulling the strings (I call them the evil Puppet-masters because Illuminati sounds too elitist) actually are bent on societal destruction, and they are using bankers/politicians/corporations towards that end. Budweiser is merely following directives. Of course, these complacent individual corporations don't expect their OWN destruction in the process, thus Budweiser's carefully-crafted non-apology. A difficult position to be in: following the directives of evil men without suffering any personal damage.

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Well said, Sarah, and thank you. Your perspective should open many eyes and minds to what is going on. Companies like Anheuser-Bush aren't happy with just "a large share of the market". They strive, out of greed, to get it all. They produce a middle of the road product and market it using what they think are middle of the road tactics. They try to please everyone, through various ads, with a product that really has no special quality other than being widely available. The only thing I've ever seen in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead skunks. If you stand in the middle of the road long enough you are sure to get run over. A fitting end to those that pursue the deviant.

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Hi Sarah,

You have more truthfully and eloquently expressed the core of this situation than the eight other people I have read or heard describing it. Thank you.

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We do not see people typically promoting evil in the name of evil. As C. S. Lewis points out in Mere Christianity, they will offer excuses that allow them to take moral cover after committing an offense that they know is a moral violation. After the Nashville shooting, we were treated to a number of social media voices who attempted to defend the killer of children as the real victim. Bud Lite's VP in charge of marketing sought to justify its recent exclusionary marketing strategy in terms of inclusion and diversity. She insulted the company's customer base quite openly, and now she cannot be found on social media. After losing $6-$7 billion in stock value and seeing cratering sales, the company's CEO pretends that no insult was intended. In fact, we are told that no one in upper management knew of the decision. So, I guess no one with real responsibility can be held accountable for the disaster? Really?

The ad that Bud Lite made with Mulvaney was as intentional as it was cringe. As a man in "woman face," he portrayed women as stupid and mindless. But he also suggests that he can be a woman as well as an actual woman can be a woman. Apparently, if we are looking for the best woman for to do a job, both Mulvaney and Bud Lite are telling us to hire a man. Amazing! He is also telling women how to wear a sports bra and what beauty creams to use. The arrogance of these companies should offend all woman, and they should make their voices heard. For me, I am through with Budweiser products.

But your larger point, Sarah, is of great concern. One must wonder what the future will be like for a society that seems so publicly amenable to denying empirical reality. Our society appears so amenable to that denial that it will attack anyone who affirms reality over fantasy. This is a denial of truth, and I agree with you. This is evil. The emperor has no clothes, but the politically correct will claim to admrier the tailoring.

The ancient Greek word translated often as "truth" (alétheia) is actually better translated as "reality." This is where we get the philosophical distinction between appearance and reality, which remains current in modern philosophy. In fact, when Christ says that he is "the way, the truth, and the life," the word "truth" in Scripture is the same word in Koine Greek for reality that Plato uses in classical Greek. Despite nearly four centuries, the connection of alétheia with actual "being" does not diminish. Consequently, what Bud Lite is inviting us to do in the Mulvaney ads is to embrace "appearance" over reality. Is that evil? Well, Scripture has always portrayed the siren call of evil as the lustful embrace of empty appearances over reality. There is, Paul tell us, a crucial difference between being a minister of light and appearing to be a minister of light.

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Thanks for your Brave true words.

It must be time for direct action I have turned my cheek and prayed now we must stand our ground and push back...

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Beautifully said Sarah…

One point that is going to get worse is the fact that these companies need to keep up their “woke” and the they need to hire these mentally ill whatever’s..That also means these people are going to eventually have a say in what is published or put up through commercials, and we see it every time now..

Our public library recently hired a gay Lgbtqurstuvwxyz person and as expected gay things are appearing by way of books and meetings..Also as expected in the political scene, gays have taken office and have gone that route by us witnessing some of the laws they are now trying to pass, usually anti- male and female family, pro abortion and the sky’s the limit for them…Are only good place in all this is to complain and expose these degenerate death styles…

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Mr/Ms/It/? CEO might just be projecting ____self through this ad campaign. Could be a possibility of where the truth lies?

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" Gender dysphoria is merely a different type of self-destructive mental illness ".

Has this mental thought crossed the pond ?

The Complicated Issue of Transableism

Some people born in able bodies feel as if they were meant to have disabilities. How should the medical community be responding?


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In the UK we are winning some of the battles.

British Cycling to ban transgender women from competing in the female category.


As trans activists were booed and hauled out of Kathleen Stock's university appearance last night, ROBERT HARDMAN recounts how culture was cancelled in Oxford.


PUBLISHED: 22:21 BST, 30 May 2023.


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These companies must have a financial death wish.

Anheuser-Busch loses more than $5 billion in value amid Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light controversy.

Disney EMEA Celebrates Pride 2022.

Celebrate diversity at Disneyland Paris on 17 June 2023!

Universal Studios to Host All-Ages ‘Pride Night’ Featuring Drag Shows, Photo Ops With Children’s Characters.

Chicago Pride Event Will Feature ‘Drag Dress-up and Makeovers’ for Children — Sponsored By Lululemon.

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Where are our religious leaders to defend the right and good? Those queens are too busy parading about in their costumes subjecting their congregations to bromide sermons that say nothing and echo in the emptying churches.

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Very well said Sarah. I have shared this with my husband and son to help equip them for the "discussions" they are bound to have as we work to help people wake up!

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